One of the accomplishments of the government of Bangladesh is the establishment of the computer council so that it could deal with the need of the government and the whole country and its citizens. The country is one who has pioneered in the mobile industry. The mobile industry has first influenced the life of the citizens before the computers and laptops. For most nations, computers and laptops come first before the mobile industry. The country has made efforts so that it could provide a low communication cost for people.

The development in the mobile industry has gone away back a long time ago. Mobile is the first that citizens have gained an experience. There is the establishment of the village phone project that aims to connect people. It is a very good means of communication. Now there are much to be learned in terms of technology but Bangladesh has more to learn. The council then was established so that it will help in the information technology sector of the country. It is one that will formulate policies related to the IT.

It has been in partnership with other countries so that they could have a good development. There are areas or centers established throughout the country. The council is under the IT department and it has the mission to connect the people to technology. It also serves many government agencies and they are investing in it for the better. The country could also enjoy many benefits like the internet connection and management of it.